Transsexaul info including Facial Feminization Surgery

All these photos are of me BEFORE my facial feminization surgery (FFS)

trinity3.jpg trinity2.jpg trinity9.jpg trinity10.jpg trinity11.jpg trinity12.jpg trinity13.jpg trinity4.jpg trinity1.jpg trinity5.jpg trinity6.jpg trinity7.jpg trinity8.jpg trinity14.jpg trinity15.jpg trinity16.jpg trinity17.jpg

Me and my Ex Doug, many years ago i used to be married to a boy. Giggles hope no-one finds out I'm bisexual and been married to a girl now for 14 years now
us2000.jpg us2001.jpg us2002.jpg

Some pictures of the most wonderful doggy in the world. It's Maxx, I just want to devote a little place for him on my picture pages, since I miss him so badly that I cry my self to sleep. Maxx has more personality then most people I have met.
I love you and miss you Maxx!!!!!!!!! maxx.jpg maxx2.jpg